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 Server Rules and Donation Perks

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PostSubject: Server Rules and Donation Perks   Fri Dec 23, 2011 11:49 pm

Here at MixedCraft, we belive in a 3-Strike punishment system. So first offence against rules is a warning, then secound offence is kick or jail depends on the offence, then the thrid offence is a temp ban or perm ban depending on the offence. So behave or you will get punished. We are sorry to say, but we ARE VERY strict when it comes to following the rules. We require you to read them here or on the server itself, if you read teh rules on the forums you must tell a staff member the secret sentence within the rules.

Rule No. 1: No Griefing/Stealing
Rule No. 2: No Begging/Giving Away items
Rule No. 3: No Hacking(includes: speedhack, flying, item spawning, xraying, etc.)
Rule No. 4: No Abusing Powers(staff and VIPs)
Rule No. 5: Respect Staff and Players
Rule No. 6: Use Common Sence
Rule No. 7: No Advertizing Other Servers
Rule No. 8: Respect the rules or get punished!
Rule No. 9: Royal Rocks
Rule No. 10: Report all abusers/hackers/rule breakers to a staff member!

Donation Perk:
VIP Rank In Game
VIP Rank on Forums
10k Coins
Ability to set warps
Ability to use compass
Ability to use broadcast
Ability to setup Shops
Ability to set Gamemode
**NOTE: Donations for these Commands must be over 5$ USD
-$1.00 = 2,000 Coins
-$2.00 = Compass
-$4.00 = Set Warp, Broadcast, Shops, Gamemode
-$5.00 = Donation Pack(above)
**NOTE: Anything above 10$ USD is Moderator(in game and forums)
Anything above 15$ USD is Administrator(in game)
Anything above 20$ USD is Administrator(in game, forum)
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Server Rules and Donation Perks
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